How to Store Documents or Images (Web Content) on a Specific Profile (Desktop version)

How do I connect an image or document to a specific profile?



You can create a web content record directly within a profile to keep it available along with all other membership information for that profile.  This is particularly helpful for uploading documents that are specific to a certain member (contracts, agreements, etc.).

1. Open the profile for which you want to upload web content, using either the Quick Search on the left or the Profile Selector.

2. Click on the Web tab.

3. In the datagrid, right-click and choose either New Image Web Content or New Document Web Content, depending on what you would like to upload.

4. Click the [...] to find the file locally, give it a title, and choose a Content Type.  Referral Type is optional and is only necessary for advanced Referral tracking.

5. Click Save Image/Document.

Anyone with access to the Web tab of a profile can now view this image/document by right-clicking on the item and choosing View Selected Web Content.

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