Release Notes - 17.6 - 6/13/2017

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As part of our commitment to excellence and customer success, we’re happy to announce several enhancements and improvements to WebLink Connect to help you manage your organization more efficiently and effectively. As with previous releases, we will roll out these changes in stages beginning Tuesday, June 13.  All customers will have the release by Tuesday, June 20.

The following new features and enhancements are included in this release:

Online Bill Pay for Related Profiles

If your membership is primarily organization-based, you may have people logging in to Members Only with their individual usernames and passwords - even though your invoices are assigned to the organization profile. With this enhancement, you can enable a feature that allows Editors of any organization to also view and pay the invoices of their related organization.

To enable this settings, go to Admin > Set Preferences > Profile Update Form Settings, and click on the Related Profiles section. Check the box for "Allow Profiles with Edit Permission to view other profiles' Online Bill Pay page and Pay" and save. The following button will appear on the organization for all related profiles with editing permission:


Click here for more details on configuring your Profile Update Form editing permissions.

Mobile-Optimized Attendee Check-In

On the Attendees grid for any event, you can now simply check/uncheck the Attended checkbox directly in the grid to set a person as attended. This works in the desktop version with a click, or easily check people in from your phone by tapping the Attended checkbox next to the Attendee's name. 


Updated Event Registration Search to include Attendees

When searching for registrations on the Registrations tab in an event, you've been able to search by either the organization name or the sign up contact's first or last name to find the registration. With this release, you can now type any Attendee name into the Registrations search, and the system will search for any registrations with that attendee's name (as well as sign up contacts and organization names, as before).


Hide Sponsor Organization Name

Based on your feedback, we've added a setting to your Event Sponsor records that allows you to hide the profile name from the display on your event Details page. If you've uploaded a logo or other image that contains the sponsor name, click the Hide Sponsor Org Name checkbox when saving. The logo and/or message will appear on the webpage without the corresponding profile name, and the logo will be hyperlinked if a website is entered in the sponsor record.


Use "Do Not Modify Invoice/Payment" as Default on Edit Registration

While we've received a lot of positive feedback on our automated invoice modification process with the new events module, we've also heard from many of you who prefer to handle your invoice adjustments manually on the original invoice of all event registrations. While we are not able to automate invoice updates other than adjusting off and recreating invoices, we can make it easier for you to edit registrations without having to worry about financial changes. To this end, we've added a new configuration setting to make all of your event registrations set to 'Do Not Modify Invoice/Payments' by default. You'll still have the option to UNcheck this box and allow the automated adjustments to take place, but by using this setting all registration edits will not update the corresponding invoice unless you explicitly choose to do so while editing. Click here for more details on invoice modification.

To enable this default, go to Admin > Set Preferences > Event Settings and click the Revenue section. Select the checkbox for "Check Do Not Modify Invoice/Payment by default" setting and click Save Settings.


In addition to these features, the following fixes/minor enhancements have been completed:

  • Membership Level auto-assign and mass updates has been optimized for significantly faster performance
  • Select Events search results are now "remembered" when navigating Back on your browser
  • Payment Date is updated to the current date when editing registrations and moving payments from a previous invoice to a new invoice (to keep payments in the correct posting period)
  • Searching for registrations/attendees in events expanded to allow for first name + last name together, instead of just individually
  • Fixed an issue passing Country/Names to
  • Fixed an issue searching for events that have no Calendar type selected
  • Fixed the Sign Up Date column format in Registration/Attendee Excel exports
  • Updated the Logout process on event registrations to redirect the user back to the event webpage
  • Updated the Registration Summary landing page to include custom field dollar amount details
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