Join Form Release Notes - 4/23/2019

This article is intended for WebLink clients who early users of the Online Join Form Alpha Testing project. If you are interested in using this new feature, please contact

With our 19.4 software update, the Join Form builder and submission form will receive the following updates:

  • Updated New Form Element window to refresh each time you add an element: When you click New Form Element, the selection options are cleared from your previous selection, and you can start again by choosing the form element. We had mixed feedback on that functionality, but also we were starting to see some issues with settings being "held on to" from previous elements, so this is the cleanest way to go.
  • Upload File Element:  You can now allow members to upload an image or document file to their profile as part of the join form process. Select New Form Element and then Upload File, and choose the Web Content Type to which the item will be saved. Click here to learn more.
  • Add Favicon to Branding Settings: While we aren't able to pull the existing Favicon from your website template, you can now add your own under Admin > Branding Settings. 
  • Preferred Method of Contact/Method of Billing Options: In the Member Contact Information element type, you can now allow the new member to choose their preferred method of contact, and preferred method of billing (both dropdowns in the Details tab on a profile).
  • Billing Base/Flat Fees added to calculations: If your Membership Levels have billing records, the Base Price and Flat Fee fields will now be used in the pricing on the form in addition to Unit Price.
  • Membership purchase item is required: To accommodate organizations who do not use Membership Levels and instead have a pick list of options for dues pricing, the form now requires either a Membership Level or a dues purchase item to be chosen, if the form is for more than $0.
  • Indicate Billing Contact on additional related profiles: If you collect profiles in addition to the Member and Main Contact, you can now allow the member to choose which of the related profiles is the Billing Contact 
  • Required field added to Primary Listings: You can now require the Primary Listing Category on the form.
  • Updated order of Additional Contacts: The public form will now show the additional listing name fields as Prefix, First Name, MI, Last Name, Suffix (if all of those fields are selected), in that order.
  • Required number fields do not default to 0: If a number field on the form is required, the value will be blank when the form is loaded so that "0" does not clear the requirement for the form.
  • Phone number auto-formatting: When the new member types their phone number into the form, it will automatically be formatted to (123) 456-7890
  • Automatic Recurring Billing Option: We've added a basic, annual option for allowing members to set up their own recurring billing option when paying on the form. You must use Membership Levels for this to be available (billings cannot be created through the form submission at all without Membership Levels), and you must have ARB enabled in your settings. Click here to learn more.

What's next? We are wrapping up the last few tweaks based on your feedback, and fixing some workflow issues with creating and editing your form. While we finish those things up, you are free to start using the form on your website at any time - just click View Join Form from the Form Builder and use that link to the public form anywhere you want. 

More documentation, outlining each step of setting up a Join Form, is also in progress. You'll start to see more and more articles with details here in the Release Notes section, so check back often!

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