Mass Create Member Activities from Profile Selector (Desktop)

Member Activities are typically used to track joins and drops as part of the add/drop member processes, however they can be useful for tracking other membership activities such as membership level changes, contract renewals, entity/network/committee join dates, award nominations or recognition, and more.

Individually, you create Member Activity Records on a Profile's Member Activity  tab. But, if you want to create one Member Activity record for multiple Profiles, you can use the Profile Selector. Follow these steps to create a Member Activity Record for multiple Profiles:

  1. Open the Profile Selector (Profiles > Select Profiles)
  2. Use the search criteria to bring the profiles you want in to the Data Grid. For more help using the Profile Selector, click here)
  3. Use Shift or Ctrl keys to highlight the rows of Profiles to which you want to assign a Member Activity record
  4. Right-click and select Create Member Activity for Selected Members. Atlas will ask you to set the Member Actvity Type and Date for the resulting Member Activity Records.
  5. Click Save.



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