How Members and Related Profiles can Use Benefits during an Event Registration

When an event is configured to allow members to use benefits to register, an additional option will appear on the Payment Info tab in the public registration form for logged-in members or their Primary Related Profile. The user must be logged in as the member profile, or you need to have Organizational Profile Assignment enabled for your association (Admin > Configuration Settings, then select Event Registration Settings from the dropdown).

If the member has selected an event item with an eligible benefit, a drop-down called Use Member Benefits appears on the Payment Info tab. The benefits that are both available in the member's profile, and eligible for this event, will appear for the user to select.

Once a benefit is selected, the user can choose how many or in what amount they want to use the benefit. The system will verify that the member has that amount available to use on their profile.

If the benefit does not fully cover the amount due for the registration, the user can enter their payment method of choice for the remaining amount.

When the user hits Submit Registration, the invoice will be created for the full amount of the selected items, and then an Adjustment will be made to the invoice for all benefits applied, with a payment created for any remaining amount if credit card payment was selected.

The Automatic Receipt the Registrant Receives will display the Benefit as the method of Payment.



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