Send Invoices via Email (Desktop Version)

You can search for any set of open invoices to send out in the Invoice Selector, and then email those invoices using the Mass Communicator's special fields.

  1. Go to Revenue > Select Invoices. The Invoice Selector window will open.
  2. Use any of the tabs at the top to search for the invoices you want to send. For example, if you want to send a batch you just generated, type the Batch Number into the second tab and click Preview. If you want to send all invoices 30 days past due, search in the Open Invoices tab.
  3. In the datagrid, select the invoices you want to send out. You can use your Shift and Control keys to choose only specific invoices, or you can right-click and choose Select All.
  4. With the invoices selected, click the Email Selected Invoices link at the top of the grid.
  5. The Mass Communicator opens, with all profiles listed in the "To:" field. The email address for each Profile will be the "Communicate with Related Profile" email address from the invoice. (Note: If you would like to send the email to the main contact, right click in the grid and Select All, then right-click in the grid again and select Replace Selected Email and Fax with Main Profile's Email and Fax)
  6. Click the Message tab, enter a Subject, then click the HTML Editor link and compose your message.
  7. For the invoice to be sent, you must add the Email Special Field "Open Invoices Link" to the email. This dynamic link will take each member to their respective Pay My Bills page in your Members Only Area on your website (without requiring a login), where they can view and/or pay their open invoice. To add the special field, click to put your cursor in the message where you want the link to appear. Then click the Email Special Fields drop-down, and choose Open Invoices Link from the list. (Note - you can create HTML Templates or use a default template to compose your message).
  8. Once you have finished composing your message (and included the special field link), click Accept HTML.
  9. Click the Send tab. If the message is ready to go out, click Send. Each email will be delivered to the members with a unique link that will show them only their specific open invoices.

NOTE: You can create an HTML Template to use for sending monthly invoice emails so that you don't need to re-create the email message each time.



This feature is included or available for purchase with the following Atlas packages.


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