Profiles Alpha Testing - Release Notes 9/12/19

This article is intended for MC Trade clients who are part of the Profiles Alpha Testing project. If you are interested in becoming a tester, please contact

With our 19.9 software update, the the new Profiles module (Profiles > Select Profiles (BETA) in the browser) will receive the following updates:

  • Profile Relationship Updates
    On the Profile View in the Related Profiles section, you'll now see a number of new features:
    • Link to profiles from the view: each related profile listed in this section is now hyperlinked on the name of the profile, to open that profile in the profile view for further review/editing
    • Relate existing profile: a quick link to search for and relate/update a profile that already exists in the database
    • Relate new profile: a quick link to add a new profile that doesn't yet exist in the database. Note that this feature has an automated search included, so if you start to add a profile and the system finds another profile that already has that name, it will notify you as you type (before you save the new profile) and give you the option to select the existing profile instead.
    • Manage all relationships interface: click Manage All to view non-primary relationships (like former employees), as well as edit details such as main/billing contacts, editor permissions, and communication preferences. This screen also gives you an easy interface to edit multiple related profiles without having to search for and open them each separately. 
  • Add as Member: When you are viewing a non-member profile, you can now click the Add as Member button in the upper left corner of the profile view to turn the profile into a member. You have the option to set the Member Activity Type and Date, and if you use Membership Levels you can also select the level here in order to initiate all Membership Level settings automatically. 
  • Drop Member: When viewing a member profile, you can now click Drop Member in order to initiate all configured Drop Actions and set a Member Activity "drop" type. 
  • New Profile: In the upper right corner next to the quick search, you'll now be able to click New Profile to add a new profile to the database (this is in addition to/separate from the Relate New Profile option mentioned above). At the bottom are three options: Non-Member (just a profile, not a member or prospect), Member, and Prospect. This workflow is still under construction, but choosing Member or Prospect will check the appropriate box on the new profile. Coming up in our next release will be a "new member" prompt giving you the option to create the member activity, set a membership level, and add new related profiles and a new member invoice.

As always, please let us know what you think! Use the Share Your Feedback button in the new screens, or send any questions/issues/feedback to Thank you!

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