Bug with Adjustment Tool

In the 17.4 April release, a new bug is occurring with the Adjustment Tool that causes the default adjustment amount to be $0.00 when choosing to adjust an invoice and/or payment, and the grid of any multiple transactions is grayed out and cannot be edited.

A fix is being worked on and this article will be updated when the fix has been deployed.

In the meantime, follow these steps to adjust the transaction(s):

  1. When the Adjustment screen loads, note that the amount of the adjustment is $0.00:

  2. Click in the Total Adjustment Amount field and type in the total amount of the adjustment. Be sure to include a negative sign.


  3. Note that while you are still editing the amount field, the Finish button does not appear and you cannot continue. To continue, hit the "Tab" key on your keyboard or click into a different field to "accept" the amount that you entered. You will see the amount(s) populate in the grid beneath the field:
  4. Click Finish.


If you need to change the default amounts that appear in the grid for partial adjustments, you will need to wait to complete the adjustment until the fix is deployed.

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