Join Form Alpha Testing - Release Notes 2/25/2019

This article is intended for WebLink clients who are part of the Online Join Form Alpha Testing project. If you are interested in becoming a tester, please contact

With our 19.2.1 software update, the Alpha Join Form builder and submission form will receive the following updates:

  • Public Form Look and Feel: replace the name of your association at the top of the form with your logo. Last month's release allowed you to customize the font and colors on your form, making your join form look much more polished and presentable for your new members. Click here to learn more (just keep in mind, this applies to Join Form too!)
  • HTML Text Editing: the "block of text" element in the form builder can now have basic HTML editing applied (hyperlinks, bold text, etc.)
  • Email Notifications: add one or more email addresses to be notified when a form is submitted in Form Settings
  • Confirmation Email Content: we've added the ability for you to personalize the confirmation email that goes out, and also added the values of all of the fields filled in on submission to the body of the email
  • View Form link: easily preview the form using the View Join Form link in the upper right corner. You can also copy/paste this link to post on your website if you're ready, or email to new members.
  • Additional Purchase Item default: if you have a fee, etc. that you add on to your form, marking it as "required" will now include it selected by default on the public form, and the user cannot deselect it.
  • Form Builder "Required" setting: you can now set fields as required as you edit, instead of editing them later
  • State Field Default: the State dropdown in the public form is now defaulted to your organization's state
  • Multiple Accounting Package/Gateway Support: if you use a separate credit card gateway for another org/entity within your database, you can now add revenue items from multiple accounting packages that use separate credit card gateways.

Pricing Calculations: we've also added a basic dues/pricing calculation tool that allows you to set up a dynamic price calculation that can be used in your Membership Levels, and/or on a Purchase Item in the join form. This first version only includes Number of Full Time Employees as the field/range to calculate by. If any of your Membership Levels (or just Revenue Items) calculate the dues price based on number of employees, click here for steps to set this up. 


Next up: our next release will include the ability to charge for additional category listings, set up pricing based on custom field values, and allow you to create multiple join forms. 

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