Join Form Release Notes - 3/25/2019

This article is intended for WebLink clients who are part of the Online Join Form Alpha Testing project. If you are interested in becoming a tester, please contact

With our 19.3 software update, the Alpha Join Form builder and submission form will receive the following updates:

  • Create Join Forms for Individual-Based Membership: set up join forms for memberships created on Individual profiles using the Individual indicator in Form Settings. Note that each form can create either Organization or Individual members, and you can set up different forms for each type of membership.
  • Populate Related Profile Contact Info: if additional related profiles (including the main contact profile) are submitted without an address/phone, the new profiles will be populated with the address/phone of the member profile
  • Affiliation Code Bug Fix: fixed an issue where individual Affiliation Code checkboxes were being added to profiles for all submissions, regardless of whether they were selected
  • Additional Purchase Item Bug Fix: fixed an issue with editing the price on existing purchase item amounts

Next up: we are continuing to work on the ability to upload a logo, format phone numbers, and other miscellaneous requests for the next few weeks. The option to allow members to set up Automatic Recurring Billing as part of their Membership Level is also underway. 

If you are ready to take your form live on your website, you can do that at any time. When you click View Join Form in the upper right corner of the Form Builder, that takes you to the live application, and you can simply copy and paste that link anywhere on your website. Whether you use a WebLink website or a third party, simply edit your website in your content management system and replace your current Join Now (etc) links with the link to the new form. Make sure in the Form Builder you've added your notification email settings, and you'll be good to go! Please contact me at any time for assistance.

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