Add Pledges to a Pledge Campaign

Once you have created a Pledge Campaign, you can add pledges and their corresponding billing and invoices.

  1. Go to Revenue > Select Pledge Campaign and select the campaign to which you want to add pledges, then click the Select button.  Note that if you do not see the campaign listed, you may need to change the Pledge Year at the top.

  2. Click the Pledges tab.
  3. Right-click in the datagrid, and choose New Pledge.
  4. Click the […] browse button under Profile ID to select the profile for this pledge.
  5. Enter the full term of the Pledge using the Start and End date.  The End Date should be the final day of the final year of the pledge.
  6. Enter the TOTAL pledge amount, then enter the number of years over which this amount will be paid.
  7. Choose a Pledge Level from the dropdown.
  8. Set the Pledge Revenue Item to be billed.  Note that if you do not see the appropriate revenue item in the dropdown list, you’ll need to set the revenue item as a “Pledge” item in your revenue codes (your system administrator may need to do this).
  9. Enter the Billing Cycle for any recurring pledge payments.
  10. If a specific staff member is managing this pledge, choose their username from the Assigned To dropdown.
  11. Enter any relevant notes on this pledge in the Notes field, and use the Custom fields as additional notes fields if necessary.  These can be used for quick pieces of information, like pledge contact, source of the pledge sale, etc.
  12. If you’d like to use the information you entered above to create an actual billing record, check the Create Billing Records on Save checkbox.  If this is a one-time pledge or you need to manually create a billing outside of the pledge, leave this box unchecked.
    *Note – if you do not check this box, you can create the pledge billing record later by right-clicking to View the pledge, then click Create Billing Records on the Billings tab*
  13. Click Save.

The new pledge opens, and the tabs at the bottom contain the custom info, the Billing that was created, and a new tab for Invoices appears. To manually create the first invoice (or any future manual invoices for this pledge), click the Invoices tab.

  1. Right-click and select Create Manual Pledge Invoice.
  2. The normal New Invoice screen opens – create the invoice as usual, ensuring that you choose the appropriate service period for the pledge line item.
  3. After you have create the invoice line item(s), the Invoices Main tab will remain open.  If you need to print or export the invoice, use the View Print buttons at the top.  When you are finished working with the invoice, you can simply close the tab.
  4. The new invoice will appear in the Invoices tab in the pledge:

Note that if you need to update the recurring billing for this pledge, you will need to create a new pledge with new terms, and then delete the previous pledge – or delete the billing record from the profile and complete the pledge with all manual invoices.  You cannot edit the recurring billing once the pledge has been created.

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