Use Mass Communicator to Generate Printable Letters (Desktop version)


How can I use the Mass Communicator to generate printable letters for a group of members?



Not only are you able to send e-mails and faxes from the Mass Communicator, but with the help of a report you will be able to setup standard mail for those who request it.

When sending standard mail you will need to have a report with the letter that you want to send. While we do have standard 'template' reports available in your Report folder, you will need to have Crystal SAP Report Writing software to be able to customize these reports. You can also have letter reports customized by a third-party report writer.

Once you have a customized letter report you want to generate, follow these steps:

1. Go to Communications > Send Mass Communication.

2. Using the [To:] button and the Profile Selector, select the Profiles you wish to send your letter to, just as you would if you were sending an email.

3. In the 'Profiles to Send To' datagrid, right-click and choose 'Clear all send email flags' (and repeat this for fax flags if necessary).  Then right-click again and choose 'Set all send standard mail flags.'

4. In the Message tab, enter a brief subject line.  This is internal only - it will not display anywhere on your printed letters, and is simply for record-keeping purposes.  You do not need to enter a Message.

5. Under the Send tab, select a report in the Standard Mail Options tab by clicking the [...] button.
6. Click Send.  Your letter report will then open in a new window, and you can click the Print Report link in the upper right corner.

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