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How do I edit content on my website?



Many of the pages on your website contain 'web content,' the text/images that appear generally in the center of the page. This is your 'static' content - content that you manage directly, and that does not pull dynamically from profile info, events, etc. You can edit your static website content using the Web Content Management tool in MC Trade.

1. Start by navigating to the page you want to edit in your internet browser. To edit the content on this page, note the name of the page and the general section of your site on which it appears - for example, 'About Us' or 'Visitor Information.'

2. In MC Trade, go to Communication > Web Content Management > Edit/View Web Content.

3. You can now click 'Preview' to see all available Web Content. However, the easiest way to find the page you want is to narrow your search by Content Type. You will see a Content Type for each of the main sections of your website - Homepage, About Us, Relocation, Visitor Information, etc. Select the section of the page you wish to edit.

4. Check the box next to the content record(s) you want to edit, then click View Selected Content Records.

5. Click the HTML Content tab.

6. You can edit the code directly on this tab, or click the HTML Editor link to make changes in the 'design' view of the page.

7. Use the tools at the top of the HTML Editor to insert images, hyperlinks, tables, and more. You can also copy and paste text into this screen.

8. Once you have finished your edits in the HTML Editor, click Accept HTML.

9. IMPORTANT: the HTML Editor simply allows you to edit content, it does NOT save the content. TO save your changes, click the Save button at the top of the screen and confirm.

10. Your updated content will then appear immediately on your site. If you have enabled the Approval function in your admin section, an administrator may need to approve the content changes before they can appear.




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