Join Form Release Notes - 5/13/2019

This article is intended for WebLink clients who early users of the Online Join Form Alpha Testing project. If you are interested in using this new feature, please contact

With our 19.5 software update, the Join Form builder and submission form will receive the following updates:

  • Allow multiple Pricing Calculations per Revenue Item: For organizations that have different pricing calculations but want to use the same Revenue Item for all dues invoices, you can now select from a list of calculations each time you add a purchase item.
  • Change Payment Option Labels:  In the Form Settings section of the Form Builder, you can now change the text that appears next to the Credit Card and Bill Me Later options.
  • Total Price: We added another location for total price so that it appears both above the payment options and next to the Submit button on the public form. 
  • Pay by Check Fix: We fixed a bug that was preventing form submission if Bill Me was the only payment option
  • Receives Communication: Another field was added to the Additional Contact element, to allow additional related contacts to choose the "Receives Communication" checkbox on submission
  • Affiliation Type Dropdown Sort: We updated the sort option on the Affiliation Type selection field to be sorted alphabetically by the label
  • Automatic Recurring Billing Option: We've added support to allow Monthly (Etc) Billing Cycles for the ARB setting that allows members to set up recurring charges. You must use Membership Levels for this to be available (billings cannot be created through the form submission at all without Membership Levels), and you must have ARB enabled in your settings. You can set up one cycle per level, so you may need to set up "Monthly" membership levels if you don't already have them. Click here to learn more.

With this release, we are wrapping up our testing phase and are beginning to onboard more and more customers onto the new form. You can go live with your form on your website at any time, just by linking to the URL you see when you click the "View Join Form" link. 

More documentation, outlining each step of setting up a Join Form, is also now available: start here and click through to view many help articles on adding elements, setting up pricing, and more!

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