Add or Create a New Web Page for your Website


How do I create a new web page on my website?



You can create an entirely new web page, with a menu item to that web page, in the Web Template Manager. You can do this for most sections of your site (About Us, Membership, Visitor Info, Business Services, etc.).

1. Go to Communication > Web Template Manager.

2. Click the Web Menu Tree View.

3. Your sitemap is displayed. Select the menu item under which you want to add your new page.

4. Right-click on the selected Menu Item, and choose New Menu Item and New Web Page.

5. Begin by typing in the Menu Text that will link to your new page. This will then automatically be used as the new page name.

6. Click off of the Menu Text field (anywhere) to auto-populate the new page name.

7. The Page Name and Title populate automatically. Next, click in the Meta Keywords field.

8. Metadata is used by Google to help people searching the internet find your site. Enter in key words and phrases that will appear in the content of your new page, including your location.

9. The Meta Description should also describe what will appear on the new page, but in sentence format.

10. Click on the New Page Web Control Settings tab.

11. The HTML Template Page and Ad Keyword fields fill in automatically, and you do NOT need to change these.

12. Choose which relative set of QuickLinks you want to show on this new page in Link Bar Properties. These are relative links - Show Base Menu Item means show itself, and Show Base Menu Item Peers means to show the other pages at the same level as the new page. These are the two most common items you will choose.

Show Child Menu Items means to show the QuickLinks to the pages below the new page (which don't yet exist). If you don't anticipate adding new pages under this new page, you can uncheck this box.

The other options (Child Menu Children, Parent, and Parent Menu Peers) will rarely be used, but will simply show the corresponding "levels" of QuickLinks.

13. Click New Web Content if you have not yet created any content for this page (which is usually the case).

14. Set the Content Type to the section of your website to which you are adding the new page.

15. Default text will fill in as the content for the new page. If you already have some content written, you can copy and paste it here at this time, or you can go back and edit it later using the Web Content Management.

16. Click Save to create your new web page.



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