Report Catalog - Profiles by Affiliation

Report Overview

The Profile By Affiliation report provides an easy way to generate a basic list of profiles that are associated to any affiliations that you specify. Upon running the report, you will be prompted to enter a range of affiliations (from X).

From the File Menu, choose Reports > Profile Reports > Profile By Affiliation. You will be prompted for report parameters.

Report Parameters

Parameters are useful objects to include in your Crystal Reports. They can be used for record selection, conditional formatting, or in calculations. Parameters can make a simple Report much more flexible by allowing user interaction.

This report will ask you for a range of affiliation codes. You need to define at least 1 range of affiliation codes in order to run this report. You will see a list of your organization's affiliation codes in the dropdown boxes. 


Prompt Description

Data Type

Affiliation Codes

Please select 1 or more affiliation codes


Report Results

Here is a sample of this report's output:


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