Create Certification Types

Track and manage your members' Certifications by setting up Certification Types and using Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to monitor Certification renewals. You can learn more about setting up and tracking CEUs here - CEUs are useful, but not required, to use Atlas's Certification Management feature.

Begin by creating the different types of Certifications that you would like to track. You need to create at least one Certification Type.

  1. Go to Admin > Manage Codes > Continuing Education Unit Type Codes > Certification Types.
  2. Click Add a Certification Type.


  3. Enter a Name and Description for the Certification. 
  4. Enter the length of time, in months, for which the certification is valid (ex. 12 for a one-year certification, 24 for a 2-year certification, etc.)
  5. If you would like to track Continuing Education Unit (CEU) completion in conjunction with this Certification Type, click Add a Requirement.
  6. Select a CEU Type from the dropdown (click here to learn more about setting up CEUs).
  7. Enter a number of Credits for that type required for this type of Certification.
  8. If multiple types of CEUs are required for the Certification, click Add a Requirement to add as many as necessary.
  9. Click Save.

Click Add a Certification Type to enter as many Certification Types as you need.


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