Adjust / Write-off Multiple Invoices

How do I write off/adjust multiple invoices at once?

You can write off or adjust a group of invoices at once using the Write Off tool.  This is especially useful for writing off all outstanding dues invoices of members you are going to drop for nonpayment.

1. From the main menu, select Revenue > Write Off Invoices. The [Write Off Invoices] screen will open.

2. Use the drop-down list to select the Adjustment Type. Enter the Adjustment Date, the Apply Date, and the Adjustment Description (reason for description). If applicable, fill in the Reference Number field.

3. Click on the Select Invoice button. The Invoice Selector screen will open. Use any of the four search options to search for invoices, and then highlight the specific invoices you want to write off using your Ctrl key (or right-click to select all). Click Select.

4. The invoices you selected will populate the datagrid on the Write Off Invoices screen. Review the invoices to make sure you want to write them off. You may use the right-click options to remove invoices from the datagrid.

5. Click the Write Off Invoices button. Click the Yes button when prompted. The system will write off all of the invoices in full.

A message will appear on the screen when the process is finished. To view the profiles associated with the written off invoices, right-click and select “View Selected Profiles”. The profiles will open in the Profile Browser.

NOTE: This option will only work for full write-offs that all use the same Adjustment Type.  To do a partial adjustment, you will need to go to Revenue > Adjust an Invoice/Payment.

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