Create Benefit Type Codes

To track the Benefits you offer to your members, begin by creating each different benefit as a "Benefit Type" code in your Admin section.

  1. Go to Admin > Manage Codes > Member Codes > Membership Benefit Codes. The Benefits Type Codes window will appear:

  2. Click New. Enter a name for the benefit (e.g. Networking Event Ticket)
  3. in the Value box, enter the dollar value of a single benefit. This could be the value of a single event registration for certain events, estimated value of advertising, average value of services like consulting or room rental, etc.
  4. In the IsEventBenefit box, indicate whether you will allow this benefit to be used as "Payment" when registering for events online. Only Benefits marked as available for Event Registration will appear in your event configuration options.
  5. Click Save.

Keep in mind that each Benefit Type can be added only once to each Profile- you can increase the Quantity and/or Value of that benefit, but one member can not have two separate "versions" of the same Benefit, so make your list as specific as necessary to track each Benefit separately.

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