Profiles Alpha Testing - Release Notes 10/7/2019

This article is intended for MC Trade clients who are part of the Profiles Alpha Testing project. If you are interested in becoming a tester, please contact

With our 19.10 software update, the the new Profiles module (Profiles > Select Profiles (BETA) in the browser) will receive the following updates:

  • New Member Profile
    After clicking the New Profile button in the upper right corner, you'll see three options at the bottom of the screen: Non-Member, Member, and Prospect. Enter the profile name, and then choose the "Member" radio button, then click Continue.
    • Member Activity: A new window loads with a dropdown to select the Member Activity type, date (the current date is selected by default), and the option to select the Membership Level of the new member. Selecting a Membership Level is optional, but recommended, as it will automatically set the profile status, affiliation codes, billing record and benefits for the profile. 
    • After clicking Continue on the Member Activity screen, you're taken to the Profile Edit screen for the new member. Make all further updates, including contact information, Listing info, etc., and then click Save Profile.
  • Profile Notifications: After adding a new member, you'll see two notifications appear at the top of the new profile: one for Primary Relationships, and one for a Dues invoice (see below). After adding a new member, the next step is to add any related profiles, such as a Main Contact. you can click the notification itself, or you can click the Relate a New Profile/Relate and Existing Profile links in the Primary Relationships section of the profile. See the previous release notes for more details on adding related profiles. 
  • New Member Invoice: The second notification you'll see indicates that the profile does not yet have a new dues invoice. To add one, click the link from the notification (at this time, the notification is the only way to access the new invoice feature). You can add one or more line items, then click the Payment menu item on the left to add a payment record if applicable (if you do not add a payment, the invoice will be added and shown as outstanding on the new member profile). Click Save Invoice to save the line items and payment and return to the new member profile.
    • NOTE: currently the Credit Card payment option is not connected to your gateway. Entering a credit card number/etc. and saving will result in a successfully saved payment record, but will NOT charge a credit card through your gateway. Feel free to use this option for testing, but actual credit card charges will need to be made through an alternate method until our next update.

  • Contact Management: if you scroll down the profile page, you'll see the section of the profile displaying the profile Contacts (records of communication with the member/profile). With this release you'll find two new links: Add a Contact, and Manage All, which you can click to view past contacts by date and edit existing contacts.

As always, please let us know what you think! Use the Share Your Feedback button in the new screens, or send any questions/issues/feedback to Thank you!

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