Manage Custom Fields (Desktop version)

Using Custom Fields

How can I set up and manage custom fields in Atlas?


If you have data to record on a profile but there is not an existing field you could use for this data (and it could not be an affiliation code), you can create custom fields and record unique values for those fields in any profile.

1. Go to Admin > Custom Fields > New Custom Field (you can click Modify to edit existing custom fields).

2. Enter a Field Name and Description. The Field Name will appear on the Custom Info tab of all profiles.

3. Choose a Data Type. "String" just means text - it will allow you to type in any value for the custom field. Integer and Decimal can be used for number values, and Date will provide a calendar for the user to choose from.

4. If you choose String as your data type, you can allow the text box to be single line or multi-line. You can also choose Dropdown List and create a list of options to choose from; however, if there are only a limited number of response you may want to consider using affiliation codes instead of a custom field.

5. Click Save.

You can now open any profile and click the Custom Info tab. You will see the custom fields you have added, and can click on any one of them to insert a value for that profile. Use the "Save Custom Field Value" button to save the information (the Save button at the top of the screen does not apply to this tab).

You can search for custom field values in the Profile Selector - on the Profile Info tab of the Profile Selector, click the first dropdown with your list of fields and you will see your custom fields listed at the bottom.

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