Valid Report File warning

Issue: When sending a mass communication, I receive a message that states: Please have a valid report file in the Standard Mail Options before proceeding.

Cause: What that means is that you have recipients that their preferred method of communication is set to Send Standard Mail.  Your Communicator Profiles tab may look like this:
When that is set, the system requires a crystal report to print.  It will not work with any other type of file.
1. If you do want to merge with a crystal report:
The report is chosen on the Send tab under Standard Mail Options:

This is designed to use merge letters created with Crystal reports and merge data from the database and then print them out.  

2: If you are trying to just email, then you want to go to the Profiles screen and right-click in the grid and choose Clear all Send Standard Email Flags:

This will clear them and you will not get the error you are getting.  You will be able to send your email to everyone you have set to Send Email and they will get the pdf attachment.

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