How to Issue a Partial Refund (Desktop Version)


How do I issue a partial refund?


You can issue a partial refund for a payment in MC Trade by using the following steps:

1. Open the profile of payment you want to refund.

2. Click the Transactions tab. Select the credit card payment you want to refund in the transactions data grid.

3. In the Transactions Actions menu, select Refund Credit Card and click Go.

4. Select Adjustment Dates and Adjustment Type. Enter the Adjustment Description and the Adjustment Amount. Please note that the Adjustment Amount will default to the total amount of the payment, but this can be updated to reflect the amount needed for the partial refund. Click Next.

6. The next screen will allow you to choose how you want the credit card refund handled. If for any reason you have refunded the card outside of MC Trade (for example, directly through, you can uncheck Mark for Refund. To actually process the refund through your credit card gateway, leave this box checked and click Finish. The result of the credit card refund will appear at the bottom of the final screen.

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