Refunding or Adjusting a Payment

How do I record a refund or adjust off a payment that has been made?

If you have processed a check refund (or any other refund other than a Credit Card processed through MC Trade), you need to record that in the system as a Payment Adjustment.

1. In the main menu, go to Revenue > Adjust an Invoice/Payment.

2. Choose Adjust a Payment, and click Next.

3. If you know the invoice number of the payment you want to adjust, enter that into the search field.  If not, enter the profile name and select the appropriate profile, then click Next. Select the invoice from the list, and click Next.

4. Choose the appropriate Adjustment Type from the dropdown list.  Add a description if necessary.

5. The amount will default to the full amount of the payment. You can change this amount if necessary, either in the Total Adjustment Amount field or the individual 'Adjustment Amount' cells in the bottom datagrid.

6. Click Finish. You will see the results of the adjustment and can then choose your next step.

NOTE: Adjusting a payment will leave an outstanding invoice that no longer has a payment applied to it.  If you are expecting a different form of payment, this is fine.  However, if the invoice is no longer due and will not be paid in the future, it also needs to be adjusted.  On the final screen in the Adjustment process, you should choose 'Adjust Invoice #xx's additional outstanding line item' and follow the prompts to write off the invoice.

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