How to Email the Main Contact for Organizations (Desktop version)

When selecting profiles to e-mail, you may sometimes want to search for a list of organizations but have the email be actually delivered to the main contact of those organizations. MC Trade makes that easy.

For example, if you choose to send something out to all of your members the e-mail addresses will be that of the organization ( By right clicking in the [To:] datagrid, you can choose to change all e-mails to that of the main profile (

When you use this tool, any data used from a Special Fields will still display data from the Organization Profile listed on the Profiles list. Only the email used to deliver the message will change.

Follow these steps to email an organization but have the message delivered to the Main Contact person:

  1. Go to Communications > Send Mass Communication.
  2. Select the organization profiles you wish to E-mail by clicking the [To:] button and using the Profile Selector. You can also chose a list from below to auto-propagate your list.
  3. After selecting the profiles they will appear in the communicator datagrid. Right-click in the datagrid, and choose Select All.
  4. With the profiles selected, right-click and select Replace selected E-mail with Main Profile's E-mail. The email fields for each profile will change from the Organization Profile Email Address to the Email Address of the Profile checked as the Main Profile.

This will change the selected e-mail addresses to the main Profile. The contact history will stay with the organization. Continue to enter your message and send.

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