Profiles Alpha Testing - Release Notes 10/28/2019

This article is intended for MC Trade clients who are part of the Profiles Alpha Testing project. If you are interested in becoming a tester, please contact

With our 19.10.5 software update, the new Profiles module (Profiles > Select Profiles (BETA) in the browser) will receive the following updates:

  • Profile Selector Style and Feature Updates
    The most noticeable changes in this release have been done in the Profile Selector, where we received a lot of feedback about ease of use and saw lots of difficulty in clearing searches, seeing what you've already entered as criteria, and issues with the results grid at the bottom. We gave the whole Profile Selector a makeover, bringing it up to par with the rest of the new screens and making things easier to see. We also:
    • Added a "Clear this search" button
    • Added automated scrolling so that after you click Run This Search, you'll be bounced down to the results grid
    • Added an indicator (a bold "dot") to any section in which you've added criteria to your search
    • Updated the Profile Quick Search at the top of the screen (throughout the Profiles module) to more clearly indicate what you can enter there, and display a quick list of results without having to navigate to the Profile Selector
    • Fixed some issues with the results grid values overlapping and/or displaying incorrect data


  • Custom Fields added to Edit screen
    While we've had custom fields available to see in the Profile View since our first "draft" of the new screens - we forgot to let you edit them! We've added a Custom Fields section to the Profile Edit screen for you to change Custom Field values and/or add new ones.
  • Fixes and improvements:
    • Editing a Membership Level now reflects all updates immediately (billing, affiliations, etc)
    • Fixed an issue with Profile Relationships when there were too many related profiles
    • Hid the Revenue chart/aging summary for profiles that have no invoices at all
    • Set alphabetical sort order on Profile Edit dropdowns (Assigned To, etc)
    • Fixed several issues with searching Related Profile criteria in the Profile Selector
    • Contact Description now shows first 5 lines in the Profile View
    • Fixed the icon that appears on Profile Edit (it was showing as a member individual icon for all profiles, regardless of actual type)

Please note that in our next update, coming in November, we will be replacing all legacy web processes with the new profile screens. I'll be reaching out to all beta testers before that takes place, to provide more details and get feedback prior to that release. 

As always, please let us know what you think! Use the Share Your Feedback button in the new screens, or send any questions/issues/feedback to Thank you!

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