Profile Beta Testing - Release Notes 11/13/2019

This article is intended for MC Trade clients who are part of the browser Profiles Testing project. If you are interested in becoming a tester, please contact

With our 19.11 software update, the new Profiles pages will replace the previous web version of searching for, editing, and adding profiles. Adding a new member and looking up or editing existing profiles will all automatically use the new interface, instead of the old web version. Note that this does not affect the desktop version at all, only web browser pages are being updated. 

Click here to view Help articles on using all of the new features.

In addition, the following updates have been made to the new profile sections:

  • Permissions have been added to all profile view/edit screens, so that sections and fields will be hidden based on the security role/permissions of the logged-in user
  • Export to CSV has been added to the Profile Selector "Actions" dropdown menu
  • Profile Relation settings can be updated by checking the checkboxes in the "Manage All" profile relations page (Main Contact, Billing Contact, etc) without having to click "Edit" and open the relationship
  • Profile View automatically updates as soon as any changes are made (for example, when a new main contact is added), without having to refresh the page
  • Listings created in Profile Edit now are set by default as web/print listings in addition to being active
  • Related Affiliation Codes are now added when adding/updating Affiliations in Profile Edit
  • Common Data View results are now showing all membership data in the results grid

These pages will remain in "Beta" for the next few months, as we work on expanding the revenue features available. Shortly we will be adding a Transaction History to each profile, as well as the ability to add/edit invoices and payments from a profile and Revenue menu in the browser. We will also continue to fix any bugs or poor workflows in the new screens, so if you have any feedback, please use the buttons on the screens to submit!

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