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Relation Types

How do I add, edit or remove Relation Types?


Relation Types are how Atlas helps define the connections between your Profile records. Each Relation Type contains both the initial relation and its inverse. For example, the most common Relation type is Employee & Employer. You can also have Relation Types of Former Employee & Former Employer, Business Owner & Business, Board Member & Organization, or any other relation type you choose.

By tracking Relation Types between Profiles, Atlas allows you to keep one record for each individual or business within your membership. If a Profile is related to more than one other Profile Record within the database, you simply create more Relationships to those other Profiles.

When you assign a Relation Type to one Profile in a relationship, the Inverse Relation Type is assigned to the other Profile. Follow these steps to create Relation Types.


1. Go to Admin > Manage Codes > Profile Codes > Relation Types.

2. Click New.

3. If the Relation Type is to be a Primary Relation (the equivalent of an 'employee' Relation Type), click the Primary Relationship box.

4. In the Relation Type field, enter the name of the Relation.

5. In the Relation Type Description field, enter a description of the Relation Type.

6. In the Inverse Relation Type field, enter the name of the inverse Relation Type - the corresponding relation of the Relation Type that you just entered.

7. In the Inverse Relation Type Description field, enter a description of the Inverse Relation Type.

8. The Public checkbox will allow this relationship (and its inverse) to be visible in the Profile Update form in the Members Only Portal. At least one relation type should be marked as Public if you have related profile editing enabled in Members Only.

8. Click Save. The Relation Type will appear in the datagrid.


If you need to edit an existing relation type, click on the Relation Type ID number listed in the Related Profiles datagrid.  A drop down menu will appear, and a new selection can be made. Once the change has been made, right click and choose "Save All Relation Type/Title Changes."

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