Apply Payments to Related Revenue Items

If you have set up Related Revenue Items for any of your Revenue Items, in addition to appearing in Online Bill Pay for your members, you will be able to modify your invoices as you apply payment in the database.

  1. On any invoice that is connected to a Related Revenue Item, create a new payment. Enter the full payment amount (even if it is for more than the actual line item). Click Save.
  2. You will be asked if you would like to modify the invoice, because there are Related Revenue Items assigned to the line items you have chosen to pay. Click Yes to modify the invoice. Or, if the member has chosen not to pay/opt in to any related items, just click No.
  3. If yes, the Invoice Modification screen appears:
    Your Related Revenue Items are displayed in the grid at the bottom ("Eligible Related Revenue Items") - they will be Opted In by default unless your settings dictate otherwise. Based on those items, you will see the Proposed Invoice in the upper right grid.
  4. Check/uncheck the Opt In and Out checkboxes if you need to change anything about the proposed invoice. If the Related Revenue Item is set to allow custom amounts, or if you need to override the default, you can type an amount in the Custom Amount column. Then click Update Proposed Invoice.
  5. Once the proposed invoice is correct, click Save. The invoice line items will be added accordingly, and you'll see them on the payment grid.
  6. You will be prompted to save the payment. Click Yes.

You can now view the invoice with all line items separated out, and the payment records applied to each item. If you modified the invoice to include "Add" related items that increased the amount of the invoice, but the payment you entered was NOT enough to cover those additional items, you will see them as still outstanding and can create a separate payment for those items (or adjust them).

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