Send a Mass E-mail with the Mass Communicator (Desktop Version)


How do I send an email using the Mass Communicator?



You can send e-mails to any group of profiles in your database using the Mass Communicator.

1. Go to Communications > Send Mass Communication.

2. Notice there are four tabs, the fist being the Profiles tab. This is where you may select which profiles to send communications.

3. Click the [To:] button and the Profile Selector will open. Use any of the search options to find the profiles you want to send the email and highlight them (you can right-click to Select All). Once they are highlighted, click Select. Most profiles should automatically be set to receive email, but if some 'Send Email' checkboxes are unchecked, you can right-click and choose 'Set All Send Email Flags.'

4. Instead of step 3 above, you also have the option to simply send to Pre-Determined Data Views. Simply click the dropdown at the bottom of the screen, and choose the list you want to send to. If you need to customize the list at all, you will need to use the 'To:' search option in step 3.

5. Under the Message tab, type in the Subject. This is required for all messages.

6. You can write either a Plain Text or HTML message. HTML is recommended, and this option is selected by default.If the message is plain text then check the Text radio button. To create your HTML email, click the HTML Editor link on the right. You can use the HTML Editor to build your email, including formatting, hyperlinks, images, etc., and then click Accept HTML.

7. In the Attachments tab you can attach files and pictures by clicking the Add Attachment button. NOTE: If you have attachments on your message and choose to send yourself a test/confirmation e-mail before sending to all recipients, your attachment will not be included with this test message.

8. Before you send, decide if you want to create a Contact Record for this communication. At the top of the Communicator, there is an option to Create Contact Record. This must be checked. You can also set a Contact Type. If checked, after the send, a Contact Record will be created under the Contacts tab in the Profile. 

9. Click the Send tab. You can send a test email to yourself, or choose a future time to deliver the email.

10. Click Send Email to queue your email to the MC Trade Mass Communicator email service. Note that this is a shared email service, and like all mass email tools the message will be delivered over a period of time that may take anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours, depending on the volume currently on the service and the number of trackable links in the message of your email. You will be sent a confirmation email once all email messages have been processed.



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