Report Catalog - Member Information Update Form

Report Overview

The intent of this report is to create a form that you can send to members which details most of the member's information. The member can then review their information and send you back any corrections if necessary by a deadline date that you specify.  This report includes the Member's names, addresses, phone numbers, business classifications, affiliations, etc..


This is one method of keeping your membership information up-to-date.  An alternative method would be to utilize the power of your Membership portal.

How to Run

From the File Menu, choose Reports > Member Reports > Member Information Update Form
Upon running the report, it will prompt you for the following parameter(s):
  • Please enter the date you wish to have this form returned to you. (Return Form By) - Enter the date you wish the form to be returned by..
  • Enter a Profile ID (ProfileID) - Enter a Profile ID. You can find Profile ID numbers in several places in MC Trade, including the Profile Browser's General Tab.  **Enter the Profile ID of '0' to run all Member (check box) Profiles.


Here is a sample of the report's output:
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