Breakdown of all the Name Fields

When it comes to the name of an Organization or Individual Profile, there are a few different fields you can customize if needed: Organization Name, Individual First and Last Names, Sort Name, Report Name, and DBA Name.
Below is an explanation of these different fields and their purposes:
Organization Name - Used in email special fields and other places that specifically target Organization name. When you type in an Organization name for a new profile, the Sort Name and Report Name will default to the same name.
Sort Name - Used in database look up and really just for sorting in grid views (i.e. profile selector search results)
Report Name - Name that displays on directory, Member Portal, and most reports
Individual First and Last Name - The Sort Name for Individual Profiles will default to "Last, First" and the Report Name will default to the full name of the individual as "Prefix First MI Last".
DBA field - Located under the General Information section when editing a profile ("Details" tab in the desktop) and must be manually entered. When a DBA name is needed, we also see a lot of parentheses used in the Organization and Sort Name fields for these cases as well. For example, a publishing company called ABC Publishing that puts out the well-known publication “Local Times” might be named “Local Times (ABC Publishing)” in Org/Sort Name and then just “Local Times” in the Report Name.
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