Add Additional Regional Offices

You can add Regional Offices to a profile of any type by creating a new related profile and designating its Main/National Office.

1. Open the main/national profile to which you want to add regional offices and click the Related Profiles tab.



2. Right-click anywhere in the datagrid, and choose Create New Relation. A New Profile window will appear:


3. Click the "Organization" button to set the new profile as an organization.  If applicable, set the Profile Type.

4. Enter the regional office name (recommended: use a location or other indicator to differentiate the names of the regional offices instead of naming all offices with the exact same name).

5. Remove and re-enter the date in all contact information for the regional office that differs from the main/national office, for example all Address field.

6. Click Save. The system will confirm that the new profile has been saved, then automatically open the Profile Relation screen:



7. Click the Relation Type dropdown and select "Main/National Office" from the list. You can leave the Relation Title, Role, and Main Contact/Receives Communication checkboxes blank for regional offices.

8. Click Save.

You can repeat this exact process for all additional regional offices - just be sure to start on the main/national profile each time.


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