Renew all Benefits for a Single Profile

About Benefits Renewal

All Benefits configured to "Renew Annually" will be set to automatically renew when the member has renewed  by paying a Dues Invoice. Because of the many ways a member "renewal" can be applied, this process is run once each evening, to update all Benefits for members who renewed that day. The auto-renew system looks for two key criteria:

  1. The member's benefit Expiration Date has passed, and
  2. The are no DUES invoices with a balance due for the profile.

If the member benefit does not meet the requirement above, the benefit will not be renewed. It will remain active until either the member is dropped (at which point the benefit will be inactivated with the membership), or until it is manually marked as inactive or manually renewed.

Upon renewal, the previous year's benefit will be marked as inactive and a new benefit will automatically be created, using the same settings, with an expiration date one year later than the inactivated benefit.

Renewing Benefits for a Single Profile

Follow these steps to manually force renewal for a single profile:

  1. Open the Profile you want to work with and click the Benefit Management tab (or scroll to the Benefit Management section in the browser version).
  2. Click Manage Benefits.
  3. Select Renew Benefits from the Drop Down menu.
  4. Check the boxes for the Members you want to renew benefits for (1 or several).
  5. Click the Execute button. The Confirmation window will appear.


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 This feature is included or available for purchase with the following Atlas packages.


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