Beta Testing Release Notes - 2/18/2020

This article is intended for MC Trade clients who are part of the browser Profiles/Revenue module project. If you are interested in becoming a tester, please contact

Unapplied Payments
We've added a new section to the Transactions section on a profile, separate from the profile's list of Invoices. You'll now see an Unapplied Payments tab, listing any Unapplied Payments that have been created for the profile, as well as any instances where those payments have been applied to an invoice. Click here for more information on creating and managing Unapplied Payments.

Related Revenue Items
If any of your Revenue Items are configured to have a Related Revenue Item assigned to it, you will now be prompted to modify the invoice when applying a payment to that type of line item. As a user, you'll be given the option to modify or not modify the invoice, and you can enter the details for any voluntary contributions, rebalance items, etc. prior to processing the payment. Click here for more details on the new Related Revenue Item screen. If you don't currently use Related Revenue Items but would like to learn more, click here.

Other updates and fixes in this release:

  • Updated the Quick Search results to display detailed profile information for each result
  • Added the ability to edit existing Member Activities or manually add new ones outside of the "join" process
  • Fixed the Billing search parameters in the Profile Selector to work together to search billings
  • Alphabetized Affiliation Types in the Affiliation code search and edit areas
  • Added the "Do Not Send Email" checkbox to the profile General Information edit screen
  • Fixed the Contact Type dropdown to display by name, and show all available Contact Types
  • Fixed an issue causing some dates to display incorrectly (the day before the actual date)
  • Added the Batch Number to an invoice if created as part of a batch
  • Fixed an issue causing incorrect Invoice Dates to be created in the Generate Invoices process
  • Added dynamic totals to invoices, so that changes to invoices are displayed in real time at the top of the screen as you make them (instead of only after saving)
  • Added a main menu item to "Apply Payments" for batch payment processing
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