New Sign In Process for Help Center, Community and Ticket Area

Starting April 1, 2019, the WebLink Connect Help Center and Ticketing area will all have a new, easier was of having you sign in: Single Sign On with WebLink Connect!!

As part of our effort to make your experience with MemberClicks as seamless as possible, we've integrated our combined Help Area tools (Tickets, Articles and Community) with your WebLink Connect user account, making it easier for you to manage your access and communicate with our help team and other WebLink Connect users.

What you need to know:

Your user name and password for the Help Center is now validated through your WebLink Connect access, instead of having you log in manually to the Help Center. 

What's Different:

If you already had the same credentials for both systems, you won't notice a difference at all.

If you had set them up differently, your old Help Center password will no longer work. You will need to use your WebLink Connect user credentials.

For your current Open, Pending or On-Hold Tickets, we will be updating the ticket numbers as part of the consolidation. For open tickets that gets a new number, we will be sending automatic notifications to your email address showing you the new number and connecting you to the original thread for the ticket. All you have to do is use that new email to keep your communication with us going; please don't go back in your inbox and reply to older threads. 

What's Easier:

With Single Sign On, you will no longer have to create multiple accounts just to work in WebLink Connect and engage with our Help Team. All of that will be seamless. Also, when you click a menu item from WebLink Connect to view articles or start a ticket, you will automatically be connected to your account without having to log back in with your Help Center account.

What if I can't find my ticket history?

The one scenario in which your history might be hidden from you is if you previously used an email address different than what you use as your WebLink Connect user account. If you can let us know what the other email address you used was, our agents can merge your profiles in to one and your history will be restored. Note: moving forward you can only use the email address you use in WebLink Connect.

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