Beta Testing Release Notes - 12/2/2019

This article is intended for MC Trade clients who are part of the browser Profiles/Revenue module project. If you are interested in becoming a tester, please contact

With our 19.11.6 software update, we've added several new Revenue features to the Profile View and Revenue menu, giving you access to Transaction History, the ability to create and edit invoices, and apply payments. An at-a-glance view of a member's revenue history and aging is important, but we heard across the board that being able to drill down to review the details on a member profile was vital to you being able to truly manage your members in the browser. With this release, we are introducing the foundation for being able to manage revenue in the browser: profile transaction history and invoice search and edit capabilities.

View Transactions

You'll now see a link at the top right corner of the "Revenue" section on a profile, called "View Transactions." Click this link to view an 18-month window of invoices for the profile, with a date filter for you to look further back (or forward) as necessary.


Each of these invoice rows can be expanded to view any additional line items, as well as any payments that have been applied. You can also click the invoice number to view and edit the invoice information and/or line items on the invoice.

This area is still under construction - none of the "Actions" items are hooked up yet! We're working on adding print and email actions first, and we'll go from there. 

Create Invoice

From either the Profile View "revenue" section, or that Transactions page, you can click Create Invoice to create a new ad-hoc invoice for the profile. Enter Invoice Details, add Line Items, and apply a payment if necessary. Look for Adjustments soon to follow!


Select Invoices

If you need to search for invoices outside of the context of a single profile, you can now go to Revenue > Invoice Selector to run a search. Currently you can click to edit any invoice in the set of results, but we are working on adding export, print, email, and other functionality to this screen soon!


In addition, the following updates have been made to the new profile sections:

  • Corrected an issue with new member invoice dates being set as 1/1/1753
  • Added Sort Name to the editable fields on the profile General Information edit screen
  • Fixed the "count" value on the Affiliations view on a profile
  • Fixed intermittent http errors appearing when loading the Profile View
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