Managing Related Affiliation Codes (Desktop version)

Related Affiliation Codes are lists attached to other lists that you want to assign Profiles to. They come in handy when you to bundle lists together and not have to apply them individually. When using a Related Affiliation Code, when you assign the first Affiliation Code, Atlas will ask you if you also want to assign the rest.

Atlas allows you to create as many Affiliation Codes as you need. Every Affiliation Code is organized by Affiliation Code Type, so that they are more easily found and identified. Before you create Affiliation Codes, make sure you create the corresponding Affiliation Code Type that should be used. Click here to learn about Affiliation Code Types.

Follow these steps to create and manage Related Affiliation Codes:

  1. Go to Admin > Manage Codes > Profile Codes > Affiliations. The Affiliation Codes window appears.
  2. In the Data Grid, highlight the Affiliation Code you would like to link to other Affiliation Codes.
  3. Click the Related Affiliation Codes tab.
  4. Select the Affiliation Code you want to relate to the original one from the Drop Down menu.
  5. Click Add to tie that Affiliation Code to the first. Repeat this step for as many as you want. The system, will ask you if you want to apply this Affiliation Code to any profiles currently using the original Affiliation Code.


  6. Click the Save button.

Watch a Training Video. The Related Affiliations Code section is near the end of the video.


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