Set a Property's Owner and Management Company

All "Property" profile types can be linked to its Owner and Management Company on the Related Profiles tab.  Before you complete this step, make sure that all profiles have been created in MC Trade (click here to learn how to create profiles).

1. Open the Property you need to link and click the Related Profiles tab.


2. Right-click anywhere in the datagrid, and choose Relate Existing Profile.

3. The Property you had open will be listed as the first profile, and you will be prompted to choose a profile to which to relate it. Click the [...] browse button:


4. The Profile Selector will open.  Type the name of the Owner or Management Company into the sort name search, then click Add and then Preview.

5. Select the correct profile's row from the list of results, and click Select.

6. Click the Relation Type dropdown and select "Owned Property" if you are setting the Owner, or "Managed Company" if you are setting the Management Company.  You can then double-check this by reviewing the resulting inverse relationship:


7. You can leave the Relation Title and Main Contact/Receives Communication checkboxes blank.

8. Click Save.

You can repeat this exact process for all Property Owners and Management Companies for a Property, even if there are multiple of each.

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