Find and Manage Web Content (browser version)

Web Content consists primarily of images and documents that you would like to upload to the system, to use in your web pages or components, in emails, event confirmations, or simply link to in an email or other content. You can also set up HTML code and Reports/Exports as web content records. 

You can find and use or edit Web Content records within a profile, or by searching all content if not tied to a profile. 

In a profile:

Open the profile, then scroll down to the bottom left. You'll see a preview of the first 5 web content records on the profile, with a link to "Manage All" to see all records and edit/add new records. 


If you need to copy the URL for any Web Content records, click 'Copy URL' and the full URL will be copied automatically to your clipboard. You can also download and preview any document or image Web Content records by clicking the hyperlinked title. You can click Manage All to view all records, or add/edit/delete any records for that profile. Click here to learn more about adding and editing Web Content Records. 

Web Content Search:

Go to Communication > Manage Web Content in the main menu. All Web Content Records are displayed by default, with a total count displayed above the grid. To filter the content, enter one or more of the following search terms: 

  • Title: the name you gave the content when uploaded. Enter all or part of the title to search for all content records that contain your search word/phrase.
  • Format: select the format you're looking for
  • Content Type: filter to only one specific Content Type, a code controlled by your organization to categorize your Web Content
  • Content ID: you can enter just this value if you know the specific ID number of content your are trying to find


In the results grid, you can click on the title of the Web Content Record to download the file, if it's a document or image. You can also copy the URL here, by clicking Copy URL to copy the content url to your clipboard. Finally, to edit any of the fields on the content record or to change out the content file, click Edit. You can use the New Web Content button at the top to upload or create a new record. Click here to learn more about adding/editing Web Content Records. 

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