Beta Testing Release Notes - 2/5/2020

This article is intended for MC Trade clients who are part of the browser Profiles/Revenue module project. If you are interested in becoming a tester, please contact

Generate Invoices
Recurring invoice generation can now be done in the browser! Go to Revenue > Generate Invoices to find the new tools that allow you to search for one (or more!) revenue items, preview the invoices that will be generated based on your billing records, and easily toggle billings back and forth between "yes generate" and "skip this one." Click here for more details on the new Generate Invoices screen.

Send Receipts
We added the option to "Send Receipt" on the Transactions grid of any profile, which will use the same default automated receipt your Online Bill Pay page uses for any existing payment. In addition, we added a "Send receipt on save" checkbox to all new payment forms, so that you can simply send the receipt as you apply a payment throughout the browser.

Other updates and fixes in this release:

  • Fixed several areas of the profile module that were difficult to navigate on a Mobile device
  • Add a "View/Print" link when viewing/editing a specific invoice
  • Added a Payment search to the "Select Invoices" search tool
  • Added the ability to apply payments in a batch (click "New Payment" in the top right of any Revenue screen)
  • Added Website to profile view
  • Fixed an issue with the order of Event history showing in the profile view
  • Fixed a calculation error in the Paid column on the Transactions screen for adjusted invoices
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