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How can I track and display my members' social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.?



You can record the URLs for any profile's social media website (for example, their Facebook page, their Twitter feed, their YouTube channel, etc.) in the "Web" tab of the Profile Browser. If you choose, you can also set your online directory to display links to these websites on each member's listing, for any or all listing "Levels."

Enter your member's social media links in their profile.

1. Search for and open the profile of the member for which you want to add social media links.

2. Click the Web tab. The following screen appears:

Social Media Links

3. Enter the URL of the member's public social network account for any of the options listed. Be sure to use the full URL, including the http://. Note that you can click on any of these icons to go that social network's home screen.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Flickr
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • FourSquare

4. Once you have typed in the URLs for each of the networks, click the Save button at the bottom of the screen - you may need to scroll down to see it (clicking the general profile "Save" button at the top will NOT save your changes).

Ensure that you have the social media icon setting turned on for the appropriate Listing Levels in your Online Directory Settings screen. 
If you prefer, you can simply store your members' social media links in the screen above and keep them internal to your organization. However, most likely you will want to promote these links on your online directory:

1. Go to Admin > Set Preferences > Online Directory Settings > Results Pages. The Results page is displayed when a search returns more than one result, or by loading a category from your category drop-down list.

2. Click the Level 1 (none) section open.

3. Scroll down to "Social Network Links." Check this checkbox if you want your Level 1 listings to display the social media icons for all networks that you have entered for a profile (the icons will be linked to the members' social networks).

4. Click open and set this checkbox accordingly for each of your five Listing Levels.

5. Click Save Settings at the bottom.

6. Click Listing Page Settings at the top of the page. The Listing page is displayed for a specific member when you click on a listing from the results page, or when a search has only one result.

7. Repeat steps 2 - 5 above for the Listing page.

Ensure your members have a valid Listing with the appropriate listing type. 
Remember that only members with Listing Types that have the Social Media Links checkbox checked will have their social networks linked on the directory. To verify a member's listing level:

1. Search for an open the member's profile and click the Listings tab.

2. Right-click to View Selected Listing (or click New Listing to add a new category listing).

3. Click the Listing Appearance tab. Verify and/or set the levels for the member's Listing Type (results page) and Detail Listing Type (listing page).

4. If you made changes, click the Save button at the top of the screen.

Also: have your members enter their own social media links in Members Only. 
Your members will now be able to log in to the Members Only page on your website and enter their own social network URLs to update their profile. On the main landing page of your Members Only website, you will see a new link directly beneath the name of the profile that is logged in, and above your custom welcome message: 

Social Media Link

When the member clicks this link, they will be taken to a page that contains the same fields you see in your database (below), and they can enter or change their social network links and click Save. Their profile will automatically be updated in your database.

Social Media

Note that the member should log in as the actual organization/company profile to make this change at the company level instead of the individual level. You can also send a link directly to this page using the new social media links special field in the Mass Communicator - click here to learn more about using special fields.


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