MailChimp Manual Sync

MailChimp users can set up an integration with MC Trade to sync profile data to email audiences in MailChimp, as well as pass email communication records from MailChimp into profile Contact records in MC Trade. The sync can happen manually through the MailChimp browser interface, and can also be scheduled to occur automatically once each night. Click here for instructions on activating and configuring the MailChimp integration.

Once you have your integration set up, you can manually initiate a sync with MailChimp at any time. 

  1. Go to Communication > MailChimp Sync.
  2. To run a full sync based on the options configured in Application Settings, select the radio button "Run full sync with MailChimp." This will use the related member profiles and/or the profiles with the Affiliation Codes you've selected in Admin > Set Preferences > Application Settings, in the Email Providers tab for MailChimp. 
    1. Main Contacts and/or profiles with the Receives Communication flag related to Members will be added to the "Member" email audiences in MailChimp
    2. Profiles with the Affiliation codes listed will be added to audiences in MailChimp for each Affiliation Code. If the Affiliation Code does not already match a list in MailChimp, a list will be automatically created for those subscribers.
    3. Profile not meeting the above criteria who have been previously synced from MC Trade will be removed from the audiences they no longer belong to.
    4. Contact records will be created in MC Trade for any email communications that have gone out to subscribers if a Contact Type is selected in Settings.
  3. OR, to manually select a subset of profiles to sync to MailChimp, select the radio button "Select profiles to sync with MailChimp"
  4. Click the Select Profiles button.
  5. Using the Profile Selector, search for the profiles you would like to sync. Click the checkbox at the top left in the results grid to select all results (or manually select the profiles you would like to sync in the grid). Click the Select button.
  6. Choose a audiences in MailChimp to add the selected profiles to. If you would like to create a new list, select Create New List from the dropdown and enter the name of the new list.
  7. If you would like to REPLACE the entire selected audiences with the profiles you have selected, check the box "Unsubscribe list subscribers not listed above." If you leave this box unchecked, the profiles you selected will simply be added to the existing audiences , without affecting other subscribers already on the audiences .
  8. Click Sync Profiles. 
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