Release Notice - 15.6 - 6/9/2015

As part of our commitment to excellence and customer success, we’re happy to announce several enhancements and improvements to WebLink Connect to help you manage your organization more efficiently and effectively. 

As with previous releases, we will roll out these changes in stages beginning Tuesday, June 9th.  All customers will have the release by Tuesday, June 16.


Online Referral Report, Enhancements and New Features

With the launch of the WebLink Connect browser interface last month, we introduced the online referral report that summarizes member referrals in a simple, easy-to-understand format. Now, you'll see a number of improvements to the look and feel of the report, new configuration options to optimize the report for your members, and a new Value on Investment feature that allows you to assign an actual dollar amount to the value of the referrals your members receive.

  • New configuration options allow you to include or filter out search engine indexing referrals, and to give your members the ability to include/filter these types of referrals themselves. 
  • You can now choose which custom referral types appear on the online report, and whether they count as an "impression" or "lead" in the totals.
  • New hover text and description options clearly demonstrate to your members how you record and calculate referral data.
  • The new Value on Investment (VOI) tool allows you to assign a custom dollar amount to each type of referral you provide. The tool then gives a total dollar value for each member based on the number of referrals they receive in a given time period, and calculates that value as a percentage of their annual dues. You can choose to hide this feature, set a "threshold" below which the VOI will not display, and customize the explanation of VOI that your members see.
  • We've also replaced the previous online referral report with this new, high-value version. When your members log in to their Members Only portal, they will be able to review this new report for any date range. You can also send the report to all of your members using the Referral Report Link in the Mass Communicator.


Click here for more details on the new referral report.

In addition to the new referral report, we've completed several bug fixes with this release:

  • We've corrected a bug in which the name of an event was sometimes reverting to 'Invalid Date' after editing certain event items.
  • Fixed an issue with Profile Status being overwritten when accepting online web input applications.
  • Corrected a problem where invoices created from online join applications were being created with the wrong address.
  • Addressed several additional performance and usability items.
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