Record Individual's Designations, Associations and Date Entered

On any profile with a Profile Type of "Individual," you can enter information unique to individual profiles, including their NAA Designation, other Associations they are members of, the date they entered the industry, and a nickname for that individual.

1. Search for and open the individual you would like to which you would like to add individual profile information, and click the Individual tab.


2. Enter the date that the individual entered the industry. You can click on the calendar icon to scroll through the months/years and select a date, or type in the date.

3. Enter a nickname for the individual, if applicable.

4. Choose from the checkboxes which NAA Designations apply to this individual, and the additional Associations of which the individual is a member.  You can select as many checkboxes as apply for that individual.


4. Click Save at the top of the screen.

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