Override the Units for an Owner or Management Company

By default, each property owner and management company profile will have a total number of units based on an automated calculation of all of the units entered into the property profiles they are related to.  This will display on the "General" tab of their profile (see below), as well as in the "Owner" or "Property Management" tab depending on the profile type.  If you need to override the automated calculation, you can do this in either place.

1. Search for and open an Owner or Management Company type profile.  You will see the automatically-calculated number of units displayed on their General tab:



You can also click on the "Owner" or "Management Company" tab next to the General tab to see this same information:



2. To change the automatically-calculated number check the "Override" checkbox next to the total number of units.

3. Type, or use the up/down arrows, to enter the correct number of units that the profile owns/manages.


4. Click Save at the top of the screen.


The change that you make will be displayed on both of the tabs displayed above.


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