Release Notice - 15.3 - 3/6/2015

As part of our commitment to excellence and customer success, we’re happy to announce several enhancements and improvements to WebLink Connect to help you manage your organization more efficiently and effectively. 

As with previous releases, we will roll out these changes in stages beginning Wednesday, March 18.  All customers will have the release by Thursday, March 26.

This release includes the following enhancements and improvements.

Saving Profiles - Improved Process

We've changed the process for saving profile to create a more intuitive and streamlined process. You no longer need to click OK to "Are you sure you want to save this profile" to save information, nor will you need to click OK after the profile has been saved.  Are you cheering yet?

Now, when you open a profile in the Profile Browser, you'll notice that the Save button is disabled (grayed out.)  Once you make a change to a field on the profile, the Save button will enable, letting you know there are changes to be saved.


When you click the Save button, it will temporarily change to display "Saving" while the saving process runs.  Once the profile information is saved, the Save button will once again be disable and you'll see a brief message appear indicating that the profile changes have been saved.  This message will fade way after a few seconds and does not need to be clicked on.



In addition, if you close the Profiler Browser before saving changes, you will be prompted with a message asking you if you would like to Save your changes.  You will have the options of choosing Yes (to save your changes), No (to close without saving changes) or Cancel (which will leave the Profile Browser open). 


ACH Payments for Existing Invoices in Web Portal

We have added the ability for your members to pay for existing invoices in the web portal section of your website with a personal or corporate bank account, in addition to the existing functionality of using credit cards.

To use this feature, you must have an Authorize.Net Gateway set up in WebLink Connect and you must add the eCheck feature to your Authorize.Net account.

 Learn more about how to set up this feature.

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

  • Events: Custom Registration Fields - Corrected an issue where custom registration fields could be reordered properly in WebLink Connect, but did not appear in the proper order on the website registration form.
  • Events:  Event Attendee Records - Fixed a problem where an individual's record of attending an event was not showing up on the Events Tab of their individual profile record
  • Events:  Promo Codes - Addressed an issue where an event invoice with a promo code applied to it was showing the proper adjustment, but the adjustment was not properly accounted for when posting transactions to general ledger software.
  • Profiles: Web Tab - Corrected an issue where some users would receive an error message when accessing the Web Tab in the Profile Browser.


Items we're working on for future releases:

  • Additional events system performance enhancements to help you better manage events with many registrations and attendees.
  • Additional configuration options for your website's online profile information update form and an improved process for reviewing and accepting those change requests.
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