Generate One-Time Invoice for Multiple Profiles

MC Trade can create multiple invoices in one procedure to save you from having to create the same invoice for multiple profiles. This is useful when the invoices that need to be created are NOT the type that will reoccur every year. This feature will create the exact same invoice for all of the chosen profiles. Go to the Profile Selector and follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the Profiles menu and then Select Profiles.
  2. Use the Profile Selector to search for the desired profiles.

If you have the profile IDs, you can use the Advanced tab in the Profile Selector to run the following query: Profile.ProfileID IN (1,3,5,9) - this example would search for profile IDs 1, 3, 5, and 9.

  1. In the grid at the bottom, select the profiles, and click on the Actions button (above the grid).

  1. Click Generate One-Time Invoice for Selected Profiles.

  1. Adjust the Invoice Date and Due Date if necessary.
  2. There is also a place to add a memo if desired.
  3. Click Add Line Item.
    • Revenue Item: Choose a revenue item for this line item.
    • Apply Date: Adjust this date if necessary. It is the date of the transaction.
    • Service Period Start and Service Period End. This date range is important for accrual-based revenue recognition.
    • Unit Price and Quantity: This price is per the amount indicated under quantity. For example, if you enter a Unit Price of 500 and a Quantity of 2, you will see $1000.00 as the adjusted amount below. Alternatively, you can choose non-standard pricing by clicking Add a base price.
    • Description: This defaults to the name of the Revenue Item, but you can add to it or change it.
    • Sold By: You may choose the user name of the sales person for this specific item.

You will also see the debit account and credit account. These are for reference only and reflect the accounts that were defined in the setup of the selected revenue item.

  1. Repeat step 7 as many times as necessary.
  2. Click Create Invoices.

Once you click this, a Success flyout should appear in the top right. When the invoice generation is completed for all of the selected profiles, your user will receive a confirmation email.

Invoices that are created by this method will appear on the profile and you can manage them as you would any other invoice.

If all or some of these invoices have already been paid, you may click on the Revenue menu and then Apply Payments to add a payment, then another, and so on.

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