Add Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to a profile (Browser)

When setting up and event, you can attach Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to any registration item.  People who register for that item will then be attributed CEUs of the type and quantity you choose. You can also manually add CEUs to a profile in the Certifications tab for that profile.

Administrative Setup

Before assigning CEUs to an event, you will need to set up the different CEU Types (categories/classifications of CEUs) in the Admin section.

  1. Go to Admin > Manage Codes > Continuing Education Unit Type Codes > Continuing Education Unit Types.
  2. Click Create a New CEU Type.
  3. Enter the name of the CEU Type and a brief description.
  4. In the Accreditation Cycle, enter the number of month for which the CEU Type is valid, for example enter 12 if the CEU Type is valid for 1 year after it is earned. If the CEU Type never expires, you can leave this at 0.
  5. Click Save above the grid.

If you would like to manually enter CEUs earned outside of your Atlas event registration module, you'll also need to set up Certification Activity Sources. 

  1. Go to Admin > Manage Codes > Continuing Education Unit Type Codes > Certification Activity Sources.
  2. Click Add a Certification Activity Source.
  3. Enter a name and brief description for the Source (for example, Credit Transfer or College Equivalency).
  4. Click Save.

Manually Add CEUs to a Profile

If you want to record a CEU earned outside of the Atlas Events module, you can manually add the CEU directly to the profile.

  1. Open the profile to which you need to add the CEU.
  2. Scroll down to the section on the bottom right of the profile title "Certifications" and "CEUs" (if you do not use Certifications, this section will only display CEUs). 
  3. Click Add a CEU.
  4. Select a Source from the dropdown (see Admin section above for details on setting up your CEU Sources).
  5. Select the Date the CEU was earned.
  6. Select the CEU Type.
  7. Enter the total number of credits earned for the selected date.
  8. Click Save.

If the CEU Type that you selected has a number of months/expiration setting tied to it, you'll see the expiration date automatically calculated based on the number of months the CEU is valid and the Date Earned. This will be blank if the CEU does not expire. You can click Edit for each CEU to update it at any time, or click Add a CEU to add additional earned credits over time. 

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