Auto Increase / Decrease Billing Items (desktop version)

The Auto Increase/Decrease Billing Items module allows you to easily increase and decrease the amount for a group of Billing Records in Atlas.  This tool is helpful when it's time to raise or lower dues amounts, or change the price on any item that you use Billing Records to invoice.

Follow these steps to Increase or Decrease Billing Items:

  1. Go to Revenue > Auto Increase/Decrease Billing Items. The Billing Auto Increase/Decrease window will open.
  2. Click the Select Billing Items button. The Billing Selector will open.
  3. Enter the criteria for which you will identify the Billing Records you want to edit and click Preview. You can find the Billing Items you want to change based on the following filters:

    • Billing Anchor Month
    • Billing Anchor Day
    • Billing Cycle
    • Revenue Item
    • Sold By
    • Amount Per Cycle
    • Yearly Amount

  4. Once the Billing Records you want are present in the data grid, use the Ctrl and/or Shift Keys to select the rows you want to include, then click Select. The Billing Auto Increase/Decrease window will reappear with the Billing Records you selected in the Projected Billing Changes data grid.
  5. Use the fields in the Billing Amount Changes to configure what changes you want to happen:
    • Fixed Amount will change the Billing Record by the specific amount you place in this field. Use a - sign to decrease the amount.
    • Percentage Amount will change the Billing Record by the percentage you indicate.
    • Use ARC Record will use an Automatic Revenue Calculation (ARC) Formula to dynamically read other information about the Profile in question and determine the appropriate Billing Amount.
    • Round to Nearest Whole Dollar will make the new amount an even dollar amount
    • Anchor Month/Anchor Date will change the month/day of the selected Billings to whatever month is selected, regardless of the existing Billing's month/day
    • Pricing Options allow you to override which of the three price fields are updated using the Fixed Amount or Percentage Amount you entered above. If you leave Default selected, the system will update whichever price field is currently populated, starting with Unit Price, then Base Price if multiple price fields are populated.
      • Unit Price: Only the Unit Price field will be increased by the amount entered
      • Base Price: Only the Base Price field will be increased by the amount entered
      • Flat Fee: the Flat Fee field will be increased by the amount entered and the Unit Price and Base Price fields will be changed to $0 (only Flat Fee is used when calculating the total)
  6. Once you've set the amounts to change, click the Preview Changes button. The New Amount Per Cycle column will update to show you what the Billing Amount would be if you actually initiated the change. Use this to compare the New Amount Per Cycle to the current Amount Per Cycle column and look for mistakes.
    1.  When using Pricing Calculations (ARC) be sure to look for $0 amounts in the 'New Amount' column.  These are a result of a missing value on the Profile that is used in the Price Calculation.
  7. If you want to change the Quantity or UNit Price Amounts, you can click in the cells and write in new numbers.
  8. Once you've confirmed that the changes are correct, click Run Auto Increase/Decrease. The existing Billing Records will be inactivated and replaced by new Billing Records with the new amount.











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